Shamila M


About me

I always encourage clients to reflect on what they are trying to achieve and then support them in creating an individual toolkit that addresses what we have uncovered. Instead of jumping right in with cookie-cutter advice, I will initially observe and reflect, just as I advise my clients to do. Then I work backwards from that goal to define the steps that we need to take to get the results we want.

I believe in giving people space to be reflective, and sometimes this leads to vulnerability. That is why trust is so important to the way I work. As someone who has built her own business, my clients know that I understand their unique challenges. This means they also appreciate it when I challenge them on their way of doing things.

My story

I have worked in the Human Resources and Coaching sector since 2007, where I have had the opportunity to support a range of clients in achieving their vision of success. My track record ranges from successfully delivering bespoke HR solutions and running C-suite workshops for global organisations, to founding my own executive coaching company.

I cut through complexity and spot solutions. My client base is international, helping me to bring a global outlook to HR.

my ethos

“Instead of coming in thinking you already know it all, be reflective. Not knowing is okay. If you are honest about your capabilities, you can deliver on your promises.”

Core values


My clients come from all backgrounds. Their experiences, circumstances and passions are incredibly diverse – and that makes it exciting to work with them. Appreciation and respect for the other is key to my work.


There is no magic trick to what I do. My role is to make sure I am with you every step of the journey. I will ensure all of my insights are accessible to you, so you can see value in everything we do.


This works both ways! I will do my research and find out the best way to help you. If for some reason I can’t deliver what you need, I will tell you and try to help you find someone who can. I also expect my clients to involve me in the things I need to know, so that I can do my job effectively.


I believe trust is built through living my other three values: simplification, transparency and respect. My clients need to know they’re working with someone who understands. That also means that I deliver honesty. I am not a cheerleader; I will always question what’s led you to your thinking.

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