Shamila M

Executive Coach

About me

I am a member of Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only organization for leading Executive and Leadership coaches. Members are selected based on their depth and diversity of experience as well as their previous client results.

I get the results I do because clarity, honesty and growth are essential to my work. Irrespective of whether we are working in a coaching or consulting capacity, I work with you to step back and reach valuable insights. We then collaborate to develop an implementation roadmap that is reflective of your priorities and geared towards the right outcomes.

I have worked with one on one with Senior Executives and Leaders and also run C-suite group and team coaching sessions for global organisations. My work is backed by clear metrics that demonstrate Coaching ROI.

My Background

I have worked in the Strategic HR and Executive Coaching sector since 2007. My previous role as a Director of a strategic HR Consulting firm gave me a clear insight into the challenges faced by Senior Executives and Business Leaders, these learnings now inform my work with Leaders and Senior Executive teams. My track record ranges from successfully delivering bespoke strategy solutions and to facilitating C-suite coaching and workshop sessions for global organisations.

I cut through complexity and spot solutions. My client base is international, helping me bring a global outlook to my work.

My favorite Quote

“We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them.” - Albert Einstein

Core values


My clients come from all backgrounds. Their experiences, circumstances and passions are incredibly diverse – and that makes it exciting to work with them. Appreciation and respect for the other is key to my work.


Demonstrating Return on Investment is essential to the work I do. By gathering relevant metrics to isolate the impact of my work I seek to give you clarity. I will ensure all my insights are accessible to you, so you can see value in everything we do.


This works both ways! I will do my research and find out the best way to help you. If for some reason I can’t deliver what you need, I will tell you and try to help you find someone who can. I also expect my clients to involve me in the things I need to know, so that I can do my job effectively.


My clients work with me because they value results. Having strong values is integral to my work. I am not a cheerleader; I will always question what’s led you to your thinking and challenge you on your ‘why’.

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