Personal Growth

For HR Professionals

As HR professionals, we all face the same challenges in different forms. I use all my passion, knowledge and insight to help my clients bring inspired solutions to their projects. I am an unbiased sounding board, which allows my clients to get results.

"I have worked with Shamila on an L&D project and am honoured to have been coached by her over a few years during difficult circumstances for me personally. Shamila is highly intuitive and listens intently – she picks up signals which I myself am not aware of and encourages me to self-reflect. Shamila challenges me to help me grow and gives me the confidence to try things outside of my comfort zone."

Kenth Consulting

Senior HR Consultant

What will you gain?

As a HR professional, it’s easy to get in the mindset that you are there to provide answers. However, this can get in the way of someone feeling genuinely heard. I encourage my clients to always reflect back to the other what you are hearing.

I help my clients to analyse when they need to push, and when to step back. Logically, we all know to avoid politics, but it’s harder to do when you have no objective voice to reflect with. When you can spend less emotional energy on managing relationships, you will have more time to focus on the objective needs of the business.

Employee management

This is all about getting the best out of your team, every day, by listening to their needs.

Staff development

Learning and development is key to the growth of both the individual and the organisation.

Recruitment and shortlisting

Good recruitment is about going beyond superficiality and really drilling down into the ways a candidate can provide what the business requires.

Offering more than just coaching

I work hard to understand my clients’ unique qualities. This means I can tap into their strengths, supporting them in exploring new techniques. By working through ideas together and having access to my experience, my clients can focus their energy on their projects’ success, without getting bogged down.

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Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s talk about your personal and business goals. We will take a bold, fresh approach to help you develop, learn, and achieve success.

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