Personal Growth

For Individuals

Do you find that you keep getting stuck on the same challenges? Or do you have goals that are slipping through your fingers? As an experienced HR and development professional, I use a range of tools that I have built up over a decade to understand the outcome you are trying to create. Together, we will find the best and most efficient way of getting there.

"Shamila has offered invaluable insight and been a much-needed sounding board through the ups and downs that came with my transition from agency work to solo business owner. I particularly value her honest appraisal of my business practices and the space she creates for me to reflect and improve upon them. Beyond this, she brings abundant energy and positivity to all of our meetings, which ensures they are a highlight of my working week."

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What will you gain?

A better question might be: what do you want to gain? You might have a very clear goal, but find you lack the resources to tackle it alone. For instance, you may want to improve your communication with your colleagues.

On the other hand, it could be less tangible for you at this stage. Maybe you want to advance in your career, but don’t know which steps would be right for you. Together, we can reflect on your strengths and ambitions, then set clear objectives.

Learning and development

I have a track record of delivering engaging training and development programmes for professionals across the globe.

Career management

I will support you in developing your unique strengths and pursuing your passions.

An independent perspective

I offer space for reflection, where you have the opportunity to look objectively at your own position.

Offering more than just coaching

This is all about unlocking your potential. If you believe something is within your grasp, we can make it happen. We will collaborate to put everything in place and work systematically to achieve your goal.

I’m not a cheerleader – I will provide you with clear feedback that helps you to improve. Together, we can challenge set ways of thinking and reinvent your mindset until you are where you need to be.

Let’s work together

Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s talk about your personal and business goals. We will take a bold, fresh approach to help you develop, learn, and achieve success.

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