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I often say that HR is a commercial and strategic partner, as opposed to simply an administrative function for the business. From hiring through to training and performance management, it is all about aligning with the business goals. When I go into a business as a consultant, that is what I aim to deliver: strategic HR support that will unlock growth.

"From the moment our collaboration started, Shamila has invested her time and expertise to authentically listen and create rapport with every member of our team and they are excited to be working with her as am I. Thanks to Shamila’s expertise, we have found a significant increase in client uptake, the projects we have confirmed are at better margins and we have benefitted from her reflections as she provides real time, honest feedback."

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How will I help your business to grow?

I always focus on the objective that the client is trying to achieve through my support. I keep that outcome at the centre of everything I do.

I collaborate with my clients to identify how their HR function needs to develop. I set up a programme with clearly-defined goals – then get to work to deliver.

International HR expertise

In an ever-connected world my clients compete on an international playing field. I support them in creating high performance teams that maintain their core values and foster the creation of a positive and impactful working culture.

An objective perspective

Working as an external consultant, my sense of objectivity is a powerful tool when it comes to creating authentic relationships and getting buy-in for any necessary changes.

Ongoing strategic support to meet your needs

I can tailor my services to your business’s needs. I can work on-site, remotely, or we can come up with a mixed solution that means I am there when you need me.

Your unbiased strategic ally

No business operates in a vacuum. Business leaders need to consider the external factors that may influence their strategic plan – which means that a good HR consultant will, too. By dedicating time to market research, I keep an eye on the bigger picture.

As an external consultant, I am uniquely placed to provide an honest assessment of a business’s position, without interference from internal politics.

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