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Business growth is about more than just numbers on a page. Ultimately, you are relying on your people to drive the business forward. How can they continue to do that unless they, too, are growing their skills and developing on a personal level? I design and deliver bespoke training courses that will progress your business and resonate with your team.

"Shamila was involved with planning, delivering and implementing a strategic workshop with our leadership team. She was professional in her approach and empowered our leadership. The changes and initiatives that were brought in as a result of the workshop are still making a positive impact in our business today. I fully endorse the value that Shamila can bring to a workplace and would not hesitate to recommend her."

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Why choose my training courses?

My courses are designed to achieve your business objectives. Together, we can look at the training needs that exist within your organisation. Armed with that information, I will put together a training programme that addresses those needs.

During the delivery of your programme, I will listen and adapt to the people I am working with, using my sustained HR expertise in the sector to connect on an individual level.

Sustained HR expertise

I have a proven track record of connecting with my clients and helping them to take their performance to the next level.

Objective, independent feedback

My recommendations are not coloured by a preconceived idea of your team members. This allows me to give impartial, valuable and constructive feedback.

Space for reflection

At worst, training can be a tick-box exercise. I always work to make it an opportunity for the participants to step back from their daily routine and reflect on their own behaviour and aspirations.

1-on-1 support for all attendees

I offer ongoing support for the participants in my training courses. Depending on their needs, I can stay in touch even once the programme is complete.

In my experience, having a point of contact can be especially useful for longer training courses. This allows me to check in with the participants and reflect on their progress between sessions. I can also consult on any questions they may be grappling with, and provide encouragement.

Let’s work together

Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s talk about your personal and business goals. We will take a bold, fresh approach to help you develop, learn, and achieve success.

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